Big loop end of icord edge

So this is the second time I have attempted this pattern and ended up with this loop on the end that doesn’t look right. I never figured it out before and left the project for a long time, then came back and started fresh to end up with the same issue. The pattern is garter stitch with an icord edge created by knitting the first 3 stitches and the slipping the last 3 with yarn in front purl wise. Any ideas are appreciated. Uploading: IMG_0071.jpeg…

The large loop looks like one of your 3 i-cord sts. Can you put it back on the needle and continue with the i-cord edge then garter stitch main body?


It doesn’t turn out right. It’s almost like a stitch is missing on the end or something. Idk. I had already knit that entire row and then noticed the problem. I tinked back and have been trying to figure it out but no luck. If I knit with it as is it leaves a wonky area in the icord edge.

Also the more I have messed with it the loops seems to have gotten bigger. :grimacing:

When I knit icord edging, I have the same stitch that looks larger. I think it is normal.

Grab some spare yarn and do a small garter swatch with an icord edge the same as you are doing now on your project. If it looks the same, then you will know it is a function of the way the icord is formed rather than a dropped stitch.

What happens next? Do you need to cast off?


I also think it’s part of the way the icord edge is made and not necessarily an error.

As you say it has become bigger you might be able to peep into the stitches to find the route of travel and gently draw a bit of the extra yarn into the next stitch which is where it will have taken it from and this will even up the size a little.

It looks like there’s something odd going on at the start of the row. You have your big end loop, then the next stitch on the needle doesn’t seem to be coming out of a stocking stitch column. Your third stitch is coming out of a stocking stitch column, and the 4th stitch looks like a garter bump coming out of a stocking stitch column. So I wonder if something had gone wrong at that end of the row in the last couple of rows. Could you have picked up an extra yarn over by mistake and then ended up with one more stitch?
I’d be tempted to pull back the last couple of rows, or do a forensic examination of the last few stitches! It might be repairable by reforming previous stitches.
It’s hard to tell without the project to handle!!

Looking again, could your end loop be traversing 4 rows rather than two? You might not have completed the knit of the first stitch on your first row. Is it possible that what looks like the 2nd stitch on your needle is the yarn strand that should have gone through the big loop?
Then on your second row, you think you have 4 end stitches where your should have three and you’ve knit the first ( which should be slipped).

I wonder if you put your 2nd stitch through the big loop and redo what looks like your 4th stitch, you will correct the problem?

Could you go back one or two more rows?