Big loop at the end of the row

What more can I say! lol

I’ve been knitting for two days and i’m doing ok, I remember how to do the stitches and such but I’m getting frustrated as all get out because no matter how tight, loose, keeping the needle points together, etc… I end up with a larger loop on the ends!

I just started using the casting on that is shown on this website and love it but still having this problem.

Can someone please give me some ideas, suggestion, help? :???:


It’s very normal, and makes sense when you realize that that end stitch is only ‘connected’ on one side.

I find that I knit the first couple of stitches tighter on each row–hold the yarn tight to help that first stitch tighten up on the needle.

Or you can slip the first stitch of each row for a neater edge.

I’ve tried slipping the first stitch to the other needle but I still end up with a longer yarn on the ends.

For the most part I don’t think I’m doing to bad for only 2 days lol

Here is a pic of what I mean and i did slip it.


Are you slipping the first stitch or knitting it? Slipping tends to make it looser so pull a little tighter when you do that. You’ll have to experiment. If you’re knitting it it sometimes takes a few rows to be blended in. So keep going and don’t worry about it. Get comfortable with knitting and purling then you can fine tune.

I don’t slip sts because they end up looser and messier. I work the first stitch, then pull the yarn a little, knit the next couple sts a little tighter and the rest of the row normally. That usually makes it come out nice and even, after some practice.

You might also taka a look at the Demo of a Small Project video under the Free Videos tab, Getting Started and note how the yarn is carried at the end of the row and the beginning of the next row.

Hi, welcome to the world of knitting and to KH.

Practice, practice, practice. After a while you’ll start to see improvements and may not even know what you are doing differently. I used to have those horrendously obnoxious big end stitches and then one day I realized it really wasn’t a problem anymore. Right now I am working on a triangular shawl and slipping the first stitch because I want that larger loop at thend end. It makes me laugh, I learn how to not do something and then I do it on purpose.

For just starting out, I think you’re doing absolutely great!