Big Island, Hawaii, anyone?

My sister’s visiting the US for a conference and she’s going to stay at the Waikoloa resort, which I think is close to Kona on the Big Island.

So, what I’m dying to know is, does Hawaii do yarn? Does Hawaii do unique yarn and LYSes? I’d love to have a souvenir of her visit in fibre form, and was hoping someone here could tell me what to ask for (since she’s not a fibre person herself). Please, pretty please?

I seem to remember seeing (but not buying from) an ebay seller from the Big Island. I think they did novelty type yarns. Sorry I don’t remember the name. I’m not sure they’d have a B&M shop, anyway. I wouldn’t count on there being very many LYSs in Hawaii just because it’s too warm there to wear knitted items very often. But you never know! There could be some stores with exotic fibers. Good luck!

I’m from Hilo, tho I haven’t been there in 12 years, so I’m not much help. but I know in Hilo there’s a store called The Yarn Basket. it’s 1.5 hours from the Waikoloa area. my relatives and friends who live there make stuff like dishcloths and crocheted leis.

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I did a yahoo yellow pages search and came up with this, but it has a PO Box for an address, so it may not be an actual store, but you could call to find out

I’m not sure they’d have a B&M shop, anyway.

Sorry to be clueless, but what’s a B&M shop? (I know I’m going to be :doh: after you tell me…)

my relatives and friends who live there make stuff like dishcloths and crocheted leis.

Maybe I can tell her to pick up a couple of 1 lb cotton yarn cones? Nice variegated pastels which will last me into the next century perhaps. No, seriously! I like the dishcloth stuff. And we don’t get any here. Would there be nice cotton meant for wearables, too? Doesn’t anybody know? :pray:

The other question I have is, would the same yarns be costlier in Hawaii than they are in mainland USA? I’d still want her to get something, because she won’t have time on the mainland to go gallivanting off to yarn stores. :smiley:

I did find an online list of Hawaii yarn stores someplace, actually. I’m trying to get as specific info as possible, because (a) my sis isn’t a knitter (b) may not have easy access to transport for gallivanting and © may be busy with the conference (gasp!)

B&M = brick and mortar; a real store you can shop at, not just on the internet (sorry, should have clarified before!)

Things in Hawaii are usually more expensive than on the mainland because of freight. In other words, it generally costs more for stuff to get there than to the rest of the mainland because of higher shipping. Where the stuff is coming from will make a difference, obviously – locally grown macadamia nuts will probably be cheaper there than in a mainland supermarket. Overall though, the “paradise tax” makes the cost of living about 30% higher than the rest of the US.

I’m not sure about the price of yarn specifically. There’s always the possibility of sales and closeouts if nothing else. Maybe she can call you while she’s shopping and tell you what they have and for how much.

:doh: :doh: :doh:

Thought as much.

Nice idea…except she’d probably spend as much in the phone charges as she might save on the sale. Ah well. I tried.