Big Girl Knits book

I just got home from being at my LYS. On Thursday nights she has “Knit and Chat” and you can ask for HELP if you need it. I did. :rollseyes:

She showed me the “Big Girl Knits” book and I really like it!! It’s for Plus size gals such as myself. I told her I could not buy it tonight but to hold it for me. It cost $30.00 from her but under $20.00 at Amazon. But since she is there for me when I need help and I do try and buy something from her shop everytime I’m in there I will probably buy the book from her and help her out. I want to keep her in business!! :XX:

:smiley: I want that book, too. I’ve not yet seen it in person, I know i will like it, I should go ahead & order it :smiley:

I pre-ordered it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!

Do you have a picture of the Bee stitch rug you are working on? Thanks so much!

Soon to be living in Sebago! yay![/color]

Well after all I said yesterday :oops: about buying the book from my LYS for $30.00, I ended up ordering both “The Big Girl Knits” AND “Classic Knits for Real Women” at the same time from Amazon for only $34.62!! :smiley: When I saw that low price I had to order them both.

Do any of you feel “guilty” when you shop other than your LYS? I was at mine last night for Knit and Chat and I did make a purchase of bamboo needles. I really try and buy something every time I go in. But what a savings it was to buy both of those books online.

I don’t feel guilty about buying books from places other than my LYS… because my LYS book prices are pretty high!!!

I love this book too. I look at it at least onc a day, and I have since I got it about a month ago. literally, once a day! I haven’t started anything yet, b/c I am working on the tank KAL, but I have a list of petterns from this book I want to do… this is really the first book I’ve gotten where I think i could knit more than 3 or 4 of the patterns… in fact, the only one I know I won’t knit from this book is the Amelia corset… I’m torn between the lift and separate wrap and laura tee for my first project. I like the knit pants and the boobalicious tank too. Maybe I’ll do the wrap for the fall sweater KAL (I was going to suggest a cardigan anyway). And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mimosa wrap and the Bluebelle Ruana, but those look like longer-term projects (so I should buy the yarn and get started now, right???)

We might need a Big Girl KAL :slight_smile:

There’s one in my blog thread somewhere…

I just tooko a peek at this book the other day. I like the patterns. I thought I wouldn’t for some reason. But I like how they show you how to adjust the pattern to fit your particular body. That was so cool. Makes you wonder why all pattern books don’t do that. :??

I don’t feel bad buying books not from my LYS. to me, the LYS’s main function is to provide awesome yarn & notions, fellowship, instruction and keep the knitting tradition going on. In my opinino, they are not in the business to sell books. How can they compete with and Borders Bookstore coupons that get e-mailed out for up to 30% off a single item?

I do love my LYS. I want to go back soon and get some larger needles.

THey can’t. That’s why some folks buy local to support local businesses that can’t compete with the WalMart-Starbucks-Borders mega corporate chains that can put them out of business (and have horrible labor practices, ecological records, etc)

I got both books in the mail today and I love them. The Big Girl Knits made me burst out laughing! The writers sure have a sense of humor!! I like many of the projects in the book. :happydance:

The Classic Knits one is also wonderful. I like almost ALL of the projects in that book. I just have to hope that my knitting abilities are good enough to knit some of these beautiful things for myself. :XX: :XX: