Big Eyelet for Wide Ribbon to weave on a hat

I have been working on this way cute hat for my daughter and I really want to weave a row of wide ribbon thru some eyelets but I want the eyelets wide enough so that the ribbon will lay flat. I’ve only done eyelets with one yo then k2tog. Looks beautiful on the hat but now I’m to the row where I need the wider eyelets without making the hat look terrible! My goal is to have a pattern where I have the eyelets spaced out so that there are 3 (or 7) stitches between each eyelet.

thanks in advance for your help!!!

You can try k2tog, YO twice, ssk. On the next row, k1 in the first YO and ktbl in the 2nd one. That’ll make larger holes.

I might suggest:

[I]row 1[/I] [B]k2tog, double YO[/B]
next row above: ([I]row 2 [/I])(are you working in the round or flat?) [B]just drop 1 YO and knit the other[/B].
in the row above that ([I]row 3[/I]) just slip the knit stitch that is in the YO (so you pull it up out of its own row)
OR [B]just poke your needle in into the YO hole and drop that one stitch previously made[/B]:

then you pull up the YO (that has double length so it will pull) and the stitch that was previously there and turns into a YO practically then releasing it.

this should make a hole that is 2 rows high and 1 stitch wide.
you can space it on the hat as wide or narrow as you want to.

just pay attention: you want to weave the ribbon so both ends are either inside or outside so you need an even number of holes!

@suzeeq: your method makes a hole just the opposite shape: 2 stitches wide, one high. I guess it depends on the ribbon used!