Big easy beret!?

These berets in these pictures are so beautiful and look like fun to wear.
One is a Missoni, probably $1000 or something ha and that sweater is an outrageous price too but I’ve got to make a couple of these for fall.

Anybody make something like this? I found this link but I’m not sure if it’s big enough. It’s not.

Know of any other big beret patterns. Maybe I should just wing it.
Maybe I should crochet it! maybe maybe maybe

I really like those, too…they sort of have the look of rasta hats, too. I don’t know of a pattern for one like this, that’s big like this, but I’m sure somebody here can come up with one!

Yeah they do have that rasta feeling which looks so much cooler than the regular ol’ berets we all got tired of. (I think)
I’m fooling around right now trying to come up with something.
I like both of them. The gray lace one is really a challenge.

I found this shortrow knitted tam that looks like it might work for a very full tam. I just did a shortrow beanie, and they really are pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

It’s the Deveraux Tam

Oh my god that’s a GREAT SITE! I love it! Thank you so much.

I want to play around with all those just to see how they turn out.
The Devereaux hat is gorgeous.

Surprisingly not too many posts on this hat, guess nobody’s making big berets. I started it once and ripped it out… gotta try again.
Thanks again, I really like those patterns…


You are most welcome~

I’ve done a couple of Rasta Tams, but I knew the ones I did were not anywhere big enough for what you were looking for. Last night I was just doing a random Knitting Ring jaunt~about. I love doing that, checking out blogs and Free Patterns. I learn so much, just seeing what people are doing out there.

Anyway, I’m glad you like the patterns. I’ve printed out both that page and the Kimino Page

When I get time, I’d love to try the Leda, looks so comfy.

Can’t wait to see your Tam~

OMG! I’m looking for a pattern for this too but can’t find one to save my life. I’ve got a nice brown cashmerino aran sitting here waiting to be knit up for the fall. I don’t get how you can see a type of hat everywhere and there isn’t a knitting pattern for it! Whahhhhh!

I think I may have found something! Here’s the initial picture I found:

Then I poked aorund and found the pattern she used. I’m sure you could adjust it to use a chunky yarn and it would look cool. I don’t like the little point thing in the middle but I would think it would be easy to remedy.

:shrug: I’m just trying again :shrug:

:cheering: I’m not sure what I did this time but it went. I have the pattern for this Beret if you like it.

Ha ha, I’ve moved onto wanting to make a newsboy cap but I have the picture of the beret sitting in front of me to remind me to make it. (I WILL!) I decided, after starting and ripping out, that I want to copy the picture quite a lot, meaning I want some soft angora/like black for the first part, then switch… I found a pattern somewhere, hm… too many things on the needles… THANKS for the links though.

This is a pretty easy beret when you think about it, you could even adapt Elizabeth zimmerman’s instructions in her book. Oh, I ripped it out coz it wasn’t ribbed enough for my liking around the brim…