'big colors cowl' - free pattern for a limited time

“This pattern is free through Sunday, November 2. Please enjoy and tell your friends! Thanks!”


How are you finding all these free for a limited time patterns? I opened and looked at that one. I did save it to library but really, buying a pattern for that is IMO ridiculous. Sorry, that’s just me I guess.

they’re all ravelry patterns. my default view there is to see the pattern page, sorted by newest first, free, knitting, english/universal language. and i check them every 1-2 days.

there’s also a few groups that deal in free pattern awareness, but honestly, most of them are SO scatterbrained-chatty. and over-moderated. (‘this forum is ONLY for X and if you post Y there will be no warning you’ll just be booted from the group’… uh, no thanks).