Big Brother - Anyone Else Think It's Tacky This Season?

Well, I started watching Big Brother last night, and I have to say that I am sorely disappointed with the premise this season. Actually, I’m shocked. I cannot believe that they have paired up the contestants with a partner they have to share a bed with…all of the opposite sex except for two of the gentlemen. And the challenge, which I did not see the end of because my dvr was full, just fed into their theme. So tacky and tasteless (I guess these words mean the same thing, eh?)

I’ve been so on the fence about this show for a while now, not watching episodes that get to racy. This has done it for me, though. I am done with BB.

What do y’all think?

I agree. It’s sort of like they’re milking the controversy. They not just hoping that something would happen (like Eric and Jessica last season), they’re not even encouraging, they’re forcing. They want people to “hook up” because it makes good tv. People like to see it. What was everyone’s favourite part of last season? Eric and Jessica’s first kiss! They want more of that, the problem is that when you force it, it’s either not going to happen, or it’s just going to be fake.
This may not prevent me from watching it though- I can’t help myself.

Sorry guys, but I always found “big brother” to be well trashy, lewd, (and believe you me I ain’t no prude) and well if that’s reality call me the bloomin Queen of England!! LOL
Just my opinion peeps, I never ever got into that sort of stupid type of shoe. I couldn’t even stand survivor. I watch tv to be entertained not watch how shallow and wretched the “beautiful people” are.

Geez…dh and I were just talking about it last night…wondering when it was on. Glad to know we missed it and that we don’t have to worry about finding it. Oh well…Survivor is back on now anyway.

I think it’s no more tacky than it’s been in previous seasons. It’s always been rather corny and full of gratuitous butt and cleavage shots, and clear provocation and exploitation of “showmances”. The whole show is formatted for dramatic effect and voyeurism. Remember the nude bubble bath challenge last season? :whistle:

But, even so I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m still a fan and love BB. And Survivor for that matter. :thumbsup:

I like them both too … but seem to get bored with them as I watch more and more “seasons”.
When I was in London a couple of summers ago … I watched an episode of BB Europe or British or what ever they called it … OH MY!!! They do and show everything with everyone very loudly … the whole show! I still can’t get out of my mind this card board box bouncing around, moaning and groaning … there was a girl inside … um … well … by herself …
It was way over my level of interest in someone’s private life …
I forgot to watch this week, but will have to check it out at least a few times this season.

Yeah, I’m not too interested in this season’s BB. Frankly, last season really put me off the whole show. I’m sorry, but I can not stand awarding someone for their evil, twisted behavior (“Evil” & his evil minion daughter). I didn’t even finish watching last year’s BB because it got my blood pressure going! Personally, I’m really sick and tired of the so-called reality shows. They’re not reality, they are just what the networks want us to think is reality. I guarantee half of the people who are going to hook-up on BB this year is strictly for the fact that they have been put together to begin with! UGH! There goes my blood pressure again!