Big Book of Knitting

I am so happy! I just received my Big Book of Knitting and it looks soooo loaded of great information about all kinds of knitting techniques in full color!!!:woohoo: I am sure this will be THE book in my knitting library and best of all I got it for just $!3.47!!!
Does anyone here own this book?:knitting:

I really want this book. (I want a lot of things come to think of it… ) I saw it on Amazon and the price is great! Tell me how it is when you get it. The reviews make me feel really confident that its worth the money, but I guess I’ll have to see.

If you are referring to the Big Book of Knitting by Katharina Buss, I don’t share your enthusiasm completely.

It is true, the photographs look good enough to eat, but this book is translated from the German and the translation is problematic. I am sorry to say this, because I see the translator has dedicated her work to the memory of someone special. However, because of the wording, I do not find the book useful for learning new techniques.