Bias Knit Scarf - updated with pic of her in it!

This is a bias knit scarf that started out being for my mother but once she told me she was unlikely to wear it, came to be for my friend .who really appreciates these kinds of things. It was knit always holding two strands of yarn together. Either two strands of the angora blend, two strands of the metalic ribbon, or one strand of each. The angora blend is Louisa Harding Kimono Pure and the metallic thing is Plymouth 24K. Umm, never mind the uneveness. :shifty: I seemed to have decreased without increasing a couple of times towards the middle. Luckily it’s a scarf and so not terribly important. This one is going off to Korea. I’m still making her the shrug, btw, and am 3/5 through the body (btw, that Caron pattern definitely takes more than 3 skeins for the smaller size), but will save that for her bday in March.

Beautiful! :heart:

:thud: :inlove:


You have such a fantastic eye for color!

That is just beautiful! Reminds me of a man’s tie.

That’s really beautiful! I’m sure she’ll love it! :slight_smile:

Nice color combo!

Absolutely love it :heart:

Very pretty! :heart:

Beautiful! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Lovely! Just different enough to have that special touch.

Mama Bear

And here she is wearing it! (220kb)

She looks so happy!

Now that is gratifying!
And the scarf looks great! Even better modeled by such a happy recipient!

It’s gorgeous, and it looks just perfect on her!

That is a fabulous scarf!!

That is a gorgeous scarf! What a nice gift for your friend!

[color=green]I really like the scarf! I love the colors.[/color]

Wow, I love it! Especially the diagonal stripes. I never even learned how to change colors on a scarf… :shrug: