Bi-color brioche


can anyone explain me in detail about bi-color brioche? i am very much interested in doing it, but at the same time, very confused with the change of colors, DO NOT TURN THE ROW instructions…
i would be happy if someone can guide me from the beginning on how to do this great stitch.


Not sure about ‘don’t turn the row’ part BUT try these, might clarify things, hopefully?

This has brioche st [B]video[/B] and one colour hat
same site, two colour hat. good st. insructions

also this

to do a 2 color brioche, you must work on a circ (used as straight needle)

you knit row 1 -->
and then slide stitches to other end of needle and work row 2 --> (the same side of the work is facing you, (no turn)

then rows 3 and 4 are worked <— (turn the work, work 1 row, then the second row (with out turning.)

if you did stocking knit this way (and it is sometimes done this way with single row stripes, you’d
knit row 1—>
knit row 2—>
turn work
purl row 3<—
purl row 4<—
(turn work, and repeat these 4 rows)