Beyond knitting... why I start to knit

Is there anybody else starting to knit with some ‘reasons’?

I decide to knit because, I am getting too stressed out thesedays and I need something to calm myself down. I work a lots of hours :shrug: and It is kinda tough. It is hard for me to find anytime to knit but at the same time, when I do find time, it seems it really does help me to let my stress down.

My second reason is…
I born as left handed but somehow I taught myself to be right handed. Now most of time, I use my right hand. I am a dentist and use my right hand for practicing dentistry. Now I want to improve my left hand’s manual dexternity then I can feel comfortable using both my right hand and left hand when I see patient. so I want to knit with my left hand to practice using it. Do you think it will work? Did you notice your manual dexternity improve after you knit?

My left and right have more dexterity since I started knitting (I am right-handed).

I’ve also discovered that I can hold the floss better now when flossing my teeth…silly but true! :rofl:

I didn’t really start knitting to relieve stress, but for me it has been very calming (except when I turned my first sock heel).

I recently tried knitting again after doing it a little when I was a kid, because I was determined that I was going to learn. I really don’t like it when something gets the best of me, so I was determined.

The relaxing benefits after a stressful day at work has been a pleasant side effect. Time kind of gets away from me when I’m knitting. I can kill a few hours without really noticing.

I’m still a new knitter. I wonder if it’ll always be as engaging as it is now.


I guess I would have to say that I started knitting, initially, because I had crocheted for so long that I was looking for a wider range of project options. Learning to knit opened up a whole new world of fiber arts for me and I now have a much more diverse selection of projects to choose from. :slight_smile:

I started to knit this summer. My dh had taken my dd to a soccer camp and dropped off my ds at my mil, so I had a week by myself. I was beside myself because I haven’t been by myself in years. :crying:

One day, after sleeping off a night of too much wine … how do you do that by yourself :oops: … I was bored and went to HL. On the way, I called a friend to share my, uh, stupid-ness of the night before. As we’re gabbing, I mentioned that I would like to try a new hobby (I had just finished a HUGE crossstitch) and mentioned knitting off of the top of my head. She offered to give me some yarn (she tried and hated knitting). I went ahead and bought my first pair of knitting needles and how-to book. That night, wine-less ;), I knitted my first FO - a dishcloth/pot holder of some sort – ugly yarn, but knits and purl pattern. Pretty good job, IMNSHO.

I have found that taking my knitting to my children’s soccer games relieves some of my anxiety and helps me keep my mouth shut. :oops: I don’t actually knit while the action is happening, but I do have it in my hands in case someone has to run a long way to retrieve the ball or if there’s a water break.

And that’s my story…

I learned to knit after being at Michael’s a little over a year ago. I saw a scarf that was being knit on one of those Knifty Knitters (or whatever they’re called). I absolutely fell in love with the yarn they were using and decided that I had to learn how to do that.
So, I bought one of those sets that has a set of needles and a “how-to” book. I could not figure it out and it frustrated the heck out of me. The next day I asked my neighbor (who knits) to teach me, and I’ve been hooked ever since.
When I’m involved in a project, I am desparate to knit it. I typically get a few hours each night where I can relax and knit. It definitely de-stresses me and I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this all of my life.

I started crocheting before I learned how to knit, but I started knitting for a stress reliever.

I find it very calming, though sometimes it can just annoy me(you ever knit a pair of socks, you are so close to getting them knit, and you want to sleep or need to go do something else?).

I also like knitting because it’s not every day that you see a teen sitting knitting socks. :teehee:

I started to knit because I heard it would help me quit smoking.
and I wanted sweaters that weren’t made in sweatshops.
and to be able to knit for all my friends’ new little monkeys.
the dexterity thing would also be a really cool side effect!
I used to sometimes paint with my left hand but now it’s pretty much useless. if only I could figure out tension with continental…

I started to knit, because I wanted a really long scarf, but all I could find was wool. Since I’m allergic to that, it seemed logical to me that I’d knit a scarf myself. After that, I got addicted. It relieves so much stress. And it’s just nice to keep your hands busy.

I started knitting right after I quit smoking and after many failed attempts I am happy to say I have been smoke free since Aug.2005 I think the thing that got me hooked was the fact that I taught myself from a book wich I always said I could not do and I always learning new things my goal is to create at least a couple of my very own patterns and sell the finished product online that is still a long time coming I think but it gives me something to strive for I am a stay at home mom and I am devoted to my kids but I needed something to keep my brain from turning to mush and I found that in knitting!!

I crocheted before I knitted. I started that so that I would have something to do while my bf works on his hobbies. Now we can watch tv and craft together, which is really nice.

I actually started knitting because I was jealous of all the cute knitting patterns that I couldn’t make. It was hard, but I’m glad I stuck with it!

I started knitting because i needed to release stress and someone told me that knitting would help. it was true, but nobody told that i would be crazy about knitting!!! :rofl: i´m a newbie and going to start my first sweater!!! i´ve been looking for patrons for a couple of weeks already! it´s frustrating since i´m in spain and can´t find patrons in spanish!! everything that i like is written in english, thank god i´ve found this page where i can watch the explanations! so we´ll see how this project turns out…

Last year in Korea I had this job from 3pm to 10pm every night, which meant no matter how lazy I was, I was bound to be out of bed at least five or six hours before work each day. I needed a new hobby, and the current issue of National Geographic at that time had articles about the growing trend of knitting worldwide, and the growing trend of Buddhism worldwide. After some meditation, I chose knitting.

I learned to knit when I was young, my grandma taught be the basics of knitting and crocheting. I picked it up again a few months ago so I could do something that would use my hands but that I wouldn’t have to think about too hard after work (I don’t do anything too complicated…yet)

I started with a few scarves but got bored and now I am working on my first sweater. I love coming home and relaxing with a project. xxx

me, too.

I learned to knit (back in Sept.) because I wanted to make my niece a special baby blanket. I really only planned to make that one thing but I enjoyed it so much I kept with it.

Isn’t it interesting how few people learned to knit as kids and kept up with it? Just wanted to point that out. :teehee:

That’s funny to me, because my aunt started knitting at soccer games so she could still be social and productive! (Versus reading a book at the games.)


I started knitting because I’d been watching people around me (two of my aunts, my dad’s mom, my manager at B&N, and a co-worker there) knitting, and was intrigued. I bought a kit from the store with plastic needles and bad acrylic yarn and a bad instruction book, and between that and the internet, I taught myself to knit this summer.

I DID NOT want to learn to knit. I thought it was lame. My mom knew I would love it and insisted on teaching me. I was 28 and my husband was having a kidney transplant. My dad was doing the donating so what could I say? “Thanks for the kidney, but I’m not learning to knit”? So I humored her.

While my husband was in the hospital for the surgery, and then when I was at home with him while he recovered, I had a lot of time to knit. It really helped to have something constructive to focus on. I don’t think I’ve put my needles down for a moment since. It wasn’t long before my mom was calling ME with questions instead of the reverse.

I thought it would be cool to knit because I really liked the way knitted things look. I also thought it would be refreshing to try a craft that nobody in my immediate family also did–my mom is an AMAZING seamstress and quilter, so I always felt like I couldn’t measure up to her, and my grandmother crocheted for years and my mother-in-law is a great crocheter, so I didn’t want to feel like I had to measure up to them either. I wanted to knit because I wanted to learn how to knit of course, but also, as a way of “making something my own”. Also, I had learned very basics of crocheting as a young girl, and I was horrible at it (I think it’s a problem with my tension). I wanted to see if there was any “hope” for me with knitting I guess! :teehee: Knitting for me is also a way of being productive. I find that if I take time out for “me” which might include vegging out in front of the t.v., listening to music, reading, whatever, I wasn’t accomplishing anything (I had nothing to show for it). With knitting, I can knit and watch t.v. or listen to music, and STILL be accomplishing anything; I felt less guilty about spending that time on myself if I was busy, and plus, knitting is very portable. You can bring it with you anywhere, and be accomplishing something even while you wait for appointments, which really made me happy to be able to use what is typically a waste of time in a productive way! Being a SAHM, it’s very discouraging to have everything that you’ve spent all day on doing be undone by the end of the day, and knitting is something rather permanent once you finish your project–unlike housework, once it’s done, it’s done, and you have something to show for it (that’s my biggest problem with housework!).

Ironically enough, when I decided to learn how to knit 2½ years ago, I was unknowingly pregnant with my third child. I found out in time for my second knitting class, and was able to share with everyone there about my pregnancy, which I was in utter shock about (until about the eighth month of pregnancy! :teehee: ). I had to laugh at the cliche of a pregnant woman knitting. :teehee: