Beware of Emails Spoofed From

I’ve been getting spoofed emails from only 2 forums, this one and another which look exactly alike. I believe they are the same programs. The coincidence leads me to think someone perhaps has discovered a way to hack in to the program and send members emails.

I just wanted to warn you not to click on anything that doesn’t look like the usual emails.

A simple way to keep this from happening might be for IT to change some file names, as a hacker is looking in default file names. Just a thought.

Thanks for the heads up! :hug:

It’s really tough for the IT folks to block all of the data miners and spiders that infest forums. Just make sure to use really good protection and scan all of your emails before opening them.

I will let the forum owners know about this!

I’m not saying there IS a problem, but wanted to warn everyone. It’s hard staying on top of hackers and such, I wouldn’t know how to begin!


There hasn’t been a security breach here at KH. What you probably received was some spam send by a spammer who spoofed (faked) a email address and used it as the from field in the message. This is a common spam tactic as it masks the true identity of the spammer and causes all the bounces to be returned to the person who was spoofed. The tactic is commonly referred to as Joe Jobbing. Unfortunately, there’s not much protection against a spammer spoofing any old email they want.

We have been noticing a lot of bounce messages coming in from various random email addresses indicating that a spammer is indeed spoofing addresses for their own purposes. But rest assured, the emails are not coming from this web site or through any hacking of the forum.

I hope this helps.

  • Sheldon

Thanks Sheldon!!! We appreciate all of your hard work!