Beware Bryspun circulars

Anyone had problems with Bryspun circular needles? I’ve had mine less than a year. My first bad experience happened a couple months ago when the cable broke on a #6 circular and half the stitches from a sweater fell off :hair: . I had heard that there had been some problems with Bryspun’s cables breaking and my LYS cheerfully gave me a replacement. Last night I was working on a new project with my #3 circular, when out of the blue, the needle in my left hand just snapped! :gah: Fortunately, no stitches were lost, but I’ve had it with Bryspun. I like Inox circulars better, anyway.

hmmmm, thanks for the warning. I got my first pair of
Addi’s size 7 and have been working forever on this skirt
(which will probably look better as a poncho) and I must say, I am completely addicted. Can’t wait to get the next pair.
You should try them, they’re worth the money!

I bought size 8 not to long ago, they are horrible. The join is so bad it’s almost funny. Mine went into the trash, I guess not everyone can be Options.