Bev's THE Mitts - with cables?

I’m a new knitter, relatively speaking. Definitely in the Beginner to Easy category.

I’ve discovered Bev’s Pattern (LOVE!) and wondered if there is a pattern for something similar, but with a simple cable?

Thanks everyone!

Here’s a few.

You might find more at:

Have you made any of those yourself?

I’m looking for 2-needle mittens, preferably.

Like a modified Bev’s The Mitts pattern, if anyone more adventurous has added cables to that one for the fun of it.

Ya know?

Oh, I didn’t realize Bev’s was a 2-needle mitten.

No, I’ve not made any of them, I was just looking for cabled mittens. I know I saw a 2 needle one, let me look again.

You could always find a cable you like and add it to Bev’s.

just cables on the cuff, though.
this one is only children’s sizes. Maybe the large would be big enough, or just add 4 stitches, 2 to the front, 2 to the back (adding 4 will keep the k2/p2 cuff consistent).