Bettna DONE

FINALLY!!!:woot: I started this last summer, thinking it would be a quick knit because it was so easy. But that was the problem it was miles and miles of knitting and purling and I got totally BORED. Then when it was finally done it was seaming seaming and more seaming.

I’m trying to finish up a bunch of stuff before I start Sylvi so this weeks challenge was to finish BETTNA and except for one last blocking it is DONE DONE DONE!!

Bettna made with Noro Big Kureyon color #1, I think I ended up using 13 skeins.

Very nice job! I really love the colors!

It is beautiful ! You should be happy that you finished it . The end result is lovely :slight_smile:

It’s beautiful! Lovely colors. Lots of work, but well worth it!

Well it certainly looks as if it was worth the effort - it’s gorgeous!!! You’ll feel so good every time you wear it!

:happydance: It looks great, love the colors!! Congrats on finishing this week’s challenge:woot:

It looks great, you must feel very happy to get it finished.

Yes indeed!!! The next challenge is to finish the February Ladys Sweater, which is done except for the last sleeve. I have no idea why I put that down, except that the lace pattern got tedious after awhile.

I have along weekend at the firehouse this weekend so hope to have enough “downtime” to finish it.

THEN, it’s on to Sylvi!!!

Looks fantastic! Love the colors :slight_smile: I have the habit of putting things down when they get tedious too…which is probably why I tend to stick to “smallish” projects!

That’s so pretty! Wish I could wear Noro yarns, they have such pretty colors!

It is sooo lovely. I love the colors!!

How did i miss that?! Lovely work and the yarn makes it very special:thumbsup:

Oh WOW Ginny! I love your BETTNA! The colorway really distributed wonderfully! I’ve knit that pattern twice, and I love it every time! It is worth the effort! This will be your favorite sweater!

I don’t know how you did it TWICE!!! I do like it but all that endless knitting and purling almost made me BATTY.

In the back of my mind I see my next Bettna done in a solid color with a stranded pattern along the lower edge and sleeves… OR perhaps the bottom section could be done in the round and steeked!!!

Our weather has turned brutally cold, it’s supposed to be a wind chill factor of -20 tonight. Good thing Bettna is nice and warm!!!

It’s kinda like havin’ babies! No one EVER wants another baby right after delivering the first baby! But give it time. The painful memories fade!

BTW: I’ve given birth to 5 babies. Does that tell ya somethin’ about my memory? :roflhard:

This is #1:

This is #2:

Well, I was thinking anice one in cotton would be lovely for spring!!!

Ohhhh la la! Don’t get me started! :teehee:

The only thing, we need a certain gauge for Bettna. I remember having a hard time getting the gauge with NORO Silk Garden.

Is there a cotton that would be gauge equivalent to NORO Silk Garden?

I remember having to use a much larger needle than Silk Garden is usually knitted with in order to get the gauge Bettna wanted.
The stocking stitch on my NORO Bettna is really large and loosish, but doggone it, the gauge is right on!

The idea of a cotton BETTNA is exciting! Now that is a sweater I can get behind! Oh…I feel #3 coming on!


But the beauty of Bettna is that size can so easily be adjusted by adding stitiches to accomadate a gauge that is not “right on”.

Being “full figured” I was actually glad that my bulky kueryon was a bit “over guage”.

I’m off to check yarndex to see if there is a NOR Silk Garden equivalant in cotton…

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]WOW! It’s lovely and the colours are stunning! Congratulations on finishing this lovely work of art.
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Lovely!! Is this a pattern ArtLady has done? It reminds me of one of hers.