Better way to pick up slipped end stitches for PU&K in garter stitch?

my garter stitch mitered square blanket has been a “let’s see what happens if…” kind of project. but i’ve run into an issue.

i’m doing slipped end stitches (1st stitch on each side) so that it’s easier to see where to start with pick up and knit for the next square, but… if i pick up both legs of those stitches, the V’s turn toward the bottom, and end up as a visible seam (i get why, no explanation needed). which would be fine, if i’d done that since the beginning. if i only pick up the closer leg of the stitch (the right/front side), then it hides the farther leg (wrong/back side) better in the seam, but leaves bigger holes between the squares because the stitches aren’t filling in the space the same.

so is there a better way, or something i’m missing?

I always prefer to pick up through both sides of the stitch for the reason you mention (no holes). The slipped stitch edge has to move somewhere but it makes a pretty chain on the back of the blanket. I understand that you want uniform edges however but I don’t know of a way to avoid this.
You can minimize the seam a bit if you knit one leg of the V seam together with the live stitch on the following row but it does put some bulk into the row.

so i’m doing it right, it’s just that’s the way it is. always good to know!

i’m not so far into the project that it’s a problem, and like i said it’s been a lot of “let’s see what happens if i do this” along the way. i think i’ll keep picking up both legs - it’s easier to see/do and the chain is a nice decorative element. i can always duplicate stitch some chains on the original finished parts (it’s a manageable area).

i did see the one leg could have been knit into again when i got to the back side, but was pretty sure it’d add bulk, as you’ve confirmed.

thanks for the help!

I like the idea of the duplicate stitch to add a chain to other sections. That’s a nice touch.