Better pictures of my new wheel-opinions encouraged?

I just got home from picking up my “new” wheel and took some better pics of it I think it such a cute little wheel:wink: I know it is missing some things but I am not sure what and I just am hoping that it won’t be too expensive to get the parts. The lady we got it from said that she may have the “thingamabob with yarn on it and some spokes” whatever she means by that is that the bobbin? …she said she will look in the attic and give me a call if she finds it. Well here it is so please let me know what you think everyone as I have no idea what parts I need or how to spin but I want to learn badly!
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Does anyone know what the stick thing in the last picture is?

You need a footman to connect the treadle/peddle to the wheel, it can be a stick, string or leather (maybe that’s what the stick thing is) and your mother of all is missing a flyer, orifice and bobbin (probably the bits she has in the attic). Basic diagram here

Thanks so much! As you can see I had no idea what the parts of the spinning wheel do or their function;) This diagram was very helpful thanks so much. So is there anyway that I can probably buy the pieces that I am missing? Are all parts universal among spinning wheels or are they specific to the brand? I have no idea what brand this wheel is so this may pose a problem, hmm all I want to do is get this wheel back in working order, do you thin its possible:(

hi… congrats on the wheel!

the stick looking thing could be part of a distaff

pieces are not universal among wheels but sometimes within brands…like bobbins can be interchanged within some brands

i have no clue how you could go about figuring what kind of flyer to get or anything but there is a group for antique wheels on rav… perhaps they could help you identify it…good luck

It looks a lot like a “country craftsman” spinning wheel, except you don’t have the flyer assembly from what I can see. You need to replace the footman. Also, you need to flip the wheel around so that the “handle” knobby thing is towards the back and perhaps just a piece of cotton or hemp string can be attached (you get your power from the downstroke anyway) from the knob to the treadle. If that proves to not work very welll you could get a small piece of trim from the lumber yard and attach it that way.

Any way, here is a web page with a pic of a country craftsman wheel with all it’s parts n stuff.
I agree that the broken stick part is part of the distaff, which for all intensive purposes is really unnecessary anyway. You don’t really need it to spin wool.
O yeah, the link… here ya go hun…

Hope that helps ya.

Definitely not a Country Craftsman. This wheel is much smaller than the CC (from table to drive wheel)
The “thingamabob with yarn on it” is the Bobbin, although the two maidens are missing the oriface and the flyer. The “some spokes” could be part of the basket for the distaff. That part isn’t needed

It could also be a knock off of a country craftsman. Some homeboy decided to make his ol’ lady a wheel of her own and just used the craftsman as a starting point. Just made it smaller. Jmho LOL!!

I can see where it resembles a country craftsmen:) Not sure if it is or not but maybe I can get some parts for that brand and it may fit? Any suggestions on where to acquire parts from?

What is a distaff? I know it is like a cage thingy well thats what it would look like if the other two twigs were present:) but what is it for?

A Country Craftsman is a brand of a Saxony style wheel. There are many, many makers of Saxon wheels, just saying.

A distaff is used to spin flax. The flax is prepped by making layers of the fiber crossways to each other, than draped and tied on to the distaff. Sometimes a basket is used, but it is not needed. You can also use a distaff to hold your wool for spinning, again it needs to be gently tied to the distaff.

The color of the ribbons used on the distaff used to signify if the spinner was single, married, et al. I can’t find the url for that, but it was very interesting reading!

As for making a flyer, bobbins & whorl… are you a woodworker of have acess to one?

Grace Hatton (and her husband) restores wheels. They would be a good resource for you.

I recently saw a spinning wheel that looks a bit like yours in a pub in Belfast city centre, it was on a shelf behind the bar so I couldn’t get a good look as it was behind other paraphernalia - too embarrassed to ask about it! It was in Kelly’s cellars - it had a distaff too. Linen used to be a huge industry here but in mills not at home. I’ll see if I can pick up the courage to ask next time I’m in town