Better late than never

Here’s a picture of my grandniece and her “cupcake hat” I made her for Christmas. She wore it for about a week straight, even to bed. Her and her twin (brother) were born at 27 weeks and weighed a little over a pound each, but are both totally healthy and doing wonderful now. We call them our miracle babies.

That is so sweet! What a pretty little girl.

That is cute

beautiful! and what a cute hat too! she looks so happy wearing it :heart:

She looks adorable in it! What a cute hat!

Adorable - both the hat and your grandniece! That hat looks good enough to eat! :wink:

I love the cupcake hats. Great model too:cheering:

That has got to be the cutest hat I have seen in a long time! Great job!:cheering:

:cheering:cute hat, and gorgeous little girl! :cheering:

That is the cutest hat I have ever seen! And your daughter is a cutie too…Great job on the hat.

Awwwww! That little girl is adorable and I love her hair! The cupcake hat is yummy too. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you all for the praise! She’s a real cutie patootie and just as sweet as she looks. Gotta come up with something for her brother, but all he’s into right now is planes and becoming a fighter pilot :lol:

It is adorable and she looks like she likes it! Boy do I feel old. My grandniece is graduating from high school this weekend!

That’s adorable! You’re right, better late than never! Great job!

Too cute! :heart:
Your grandneice has such pretty hair. has a hat pattern called topi, it looks like a cadet hat, especialy if you did it in a navy, or olive green, and maybe add a fighter pilot looking patch to it? its an easy hat… easy to make any size:mrgreen:

Thanks, Jean, that would be perfect for him. Now to find the time and get it started:think:

The hat-and your grandniece!-are both too cute!! My DD was born at 23wks & 6days, so I can appreciate your miracles!! :muah: (btw, my DD will be 4 in August, and she’s doing great too!)

Can’t wait to see what you come up with for her brother!

REALLY cute!

That hat is adorable and an awesome idea! :blooby: