Better fiber for hat?

What would be a better fiber for a hat: Lama\ Peruvian Highland Wool, or Merino\ Alpaca\ Silk?

I think the merino/alpaca/silk might be better if it’s softer. Mainly just a matter of personal preference.

I would seriously say that either of those is going to be fine. I have a personal affinity for Merino though.

They’re all fine. It’s personal choice…so which feels better to you?

[color="#220099"]Was Acrylic a choice? My answer is Acrylic. :slight_smile:

  1. It is less expensive.
  2. It is easy to wash.
  3. It is easy to find in department stores.
  4. I know, it wasn’t on you list.

Other than that it could be a good choice if you like it. That’s what it comes to. Use what you like. :wink: :thumbsup:

IMO, either blend is wonderful. If you already [U]have the yarns[/U] in your stash, and if [U]both are the same ‘weight’[/U]…

…make the decision based purely upon color, texture and intricate yarn values.

IMO, could also depend on how you want it to wear. The llama/peruvian will probably be a little bit tougher, Merino/alpaca/silk will be a bit more… feminine and shiny. Both will be warm, merino/alpaca/silk are a little bit finer fibers. For a hat it’s not that big a deal, but could be a consideration.

I’ve never seen the yarn. I ordered it online. I ended up going with the Merino silk alpaca because it came in multi color.

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