Better Bind-off?

When I do the basic bind-off in stocking st, I don’t like the way the edge rolls forward onto the right side. I really don’t want that look for the finish, if I’m binding off at the neckline for a doll’s sweater. I’d like that edge to sit right on top.

Is it something I’m doing wrong, or is there a knack to this, or - ? I’ve found it sits a little better if I alternate k & p, but that doesn’t look especially neat.

Are there other bind-offs that work better, or is it me? :??

Thanks for any tips and help!

If it’s stockinette that is just the nature of the beast. You can try binding off on the purl side. I don’t know if it will help, but it looks nicer from that side sometimes anyway.

The only other idea is to knit a non curling border like garter or seed stitch.

So are you saying that if you do a few rows - maybe 3? - of non curling stitch then bind off, the bind off row won’t roll to the finished side?

It often takes more, but it can’t hurt. Where is the edge? If its a hem on the bottom you may need more than a neck. Sometimes the edge will still fold along the edge between the border and stockinette. :zombie:

I’m such a dolt, lol. I knew stockinette rolls of course, but for whatever reason thought it was the bind off ITSELF rolling forward. It’s usually necklines that bother me. If I’m doing a sweater from the bottom up, I always start with a non-rolling trim - it just never occurred to me that binding off needed the same - like I said, “dolt”. :blush:

:). It happens.

Mulling this over a bit - for a front neckline (knit from the bottom up), I’m casting off about 6 or 8 sts mid-row then continuing up and over the shoulder and down the back. Not sure how it’d work out to change to gs or other non-rolling st just for the neckline. Could do some designs to suit it though. Have to get more creative I guess!

If you can crochet, single crochet or crab stitch (sc worked backwards) might give you the edge you’re looking for.

It won’t stop stockinette from curling as it’s the nature of the beast, but binding off in purl on the RS seems to work well for a flatter edge IME.

Becky & GG - Good tips, I’ll experiment - thanks!