Best yarn

I did a search and didn’t come up with an answer, so, please forgive me if I missed one that would have answered me.
I have never knitted before and would like to know the best yarn to use, at first and inexpensive but easy one to work with, then, once I get better, a better one that is soft and washable that I can make baby blankets and at some time, lace afghans. Which material is the softest?
Also, which needles are the best to start out with?TIA.:mrgreen:

buy form joanne’s .com :heart: its got cheap yarn

Wow that was quick, thanks!!

tell me how it goes okay? on the site it might say where shops near you are

what size needles? or what type? personally i would use size 11 plastic needles no wait! size 11 bamboo needles. they are a little more expensive. if you are looking for cheap needles use plastic

if you wanted to use a practical yarn for a baby blanket, use acrylic. you can you nylon or rayon or polyester, but I would use acrylic. :yay: have fun knitting!

sorry i keep forgetting that i have more 2 say. you should try simple dishcloths or scarves first before lace afghans. i haven’t even tried lace afghans and i hav been knitting since october!! :flirt: have fun!

AAAAAAH! last post i promise. for a simple skinny scarf, with size 11 needles, cast on 8 to 12 stitches. knit every stitch until 60 inches. bind off. watch some videos on this site for help and motivation. keep on knitting! (if i haven’t messed up your brain with this many posts!) :roflhard:

As for needles, I would say to get some aluminum short needles or circular needles. Probably anything bigger than an 8. Most knitters I know, prefer circular needles which they knit everything on back and forth–you don’t have to knit in the round just because they are circular. As for yarn, any Red Heart or some such yarn is good to learn on, and for baby blankets, I’ve been happy with Bernat baby yarns. Good Luck–let us know how it goes!

If you have a Joannes or Michaels or even Fred Meyer, they all carry basic yarns in acrylic, wool and a few other fibers. Acrylic is probably a good start and somewhere between an 8-10 knitting needle. I found straights a little easier to cast on with when learning and acrylic is resilient for tearing out your work and redoing and shows stitches well so you can tell your knits from your purls.

Great, thanks to all of you for your help.
knittingymnast, you didn’t mess me up:)