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I’m a new knitter and I decided to start my projects since I can read and understand patterns, but I’m facing a problem in choosing the right yarn type and brand especially that I’m going to order them online and I have no idea of the different types like ( Worsted Weight, bulky and chunky) which is good for what , so I need your help and experience.

I’m thinking to have [B]Red Heart[/B] or [B]Knit Picks[/B] , what do you think of these two brands ?

Note : my projects will be scarfs, bags and amigurames till now ^^

My personal (rather vehement) opinion is anything but Red Heart. But I openly acknowledge that I have a distaste of that company’s products as a whole for many reasons that I won’t really go into on here. I will only use Red Heart for pieces made for pets or for welcome mats.

Some people hate RH and some love it, and there’s more than just one kind of yarn, some are softer than others. Best thing is to try out different yarns for different projects and see what you like. A hand wash only yarn wouldn’t be a good idea for something that needs to be washed frequently; you probably want the acrylic yarn for the toys.

Fingering or sock, worsted and bulky refer to the thickness of the yarn, also called it’s ‘weight’ which has nothing to do with the weight of the skein. A worsted is a medium thickness and suitable for a large variety of projects. Fingering or sock weight (these are about the same thickness and are used interchangeably) can be used on small needles for socks, or larger needles for lacey items, and sometimes on in between needles for baby sweaters or hats. Bulky is fairly thick and is usually used for heavier scarves or hats, sometimes sweaters.

If you have a craft store like Joanns, Michaels, AC Moore or Hobby Lobby near you, just go visit their yarn department. Pick up and feel different kinds of yarn and see what you like and see how different they are from each other.

Red Heart is scratchy. I don’t like Lion brand or Vanna’s Choice (by Lion) because they split. I’m always having to rip out my work or fix stitches because the needle tip didn’t get it all. For acrylics, a good one is Bernat. Using wool or acrylics is up to you. I think the natural fibers feel heavenly to knit with. Knitpicks would be a good choice. If you want easy care, the Superwash wools are good. For a beginner, I would suggest a sport or worsted weight with a size 8 needles.

Another advantage to using wool is that it stays warm even when wet. This can make a big difference if you’re walking in a snowstorm, shoveling snow, or sledding and get your hat and mittens soaked. I found this out the hard way when waiting for a bus in cold winds, shivering in wet acrylic mittens. I’m currently getting ready for winter by knitting mittens in wool this time. I’m not going to make that mistake again.

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Of the two yarns you’ve mentioned, I’ve only used Red Heart. My personal preference is not to use it anymore. As with all things, YMMV. An inexpensive worsted yarn is Caron’s Super Soft.

That said, what yarn sizes are recommended for your pattern? I use that as a rough guesstimate when buying yarn, and also when buying patterns. There are some yarn sizes I just don’t care to work with.

You may want to check out this page for more info:

If your pattern calls for worsted weight, fingering yarn or super bulky are probably not the best substitutes, and vice versa.

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I hate Red Heart Super Saver, but Red Heart Soft is okay if you’re looking for an inexpensive yarn. Most Caron or Bernat isn’t too bad. Wool is fine, but not everyone can wear wool (me included) so choose based on who’s going to be wearing it. Also some wools are scratchier than others.

The problem with suggesting any yarn though is that you may feel differently than I do. Experience is the best teacher.

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suzeeq : you gave me a base idea about the yarn weights thanks alot ^^

fatoldladyinbjs : ya winter is coming so I’ll put wool in counter

jan in CA : YES experience is the best teacher but the expert friends saves your money ^*

Q: do you think the wool mixed with silk is softer than the pure one ?
What about alpaca ? Is it soft enough to wear it on skin ?
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My advice would be to visit your local yarn shop and feel the skeins. See what you think and ask questions. The LYS will give you personalized service and often recommend the right size needle or give you some tips with knitting with it. Many new knitters bring their work into my LYS for some help with problems. They help them at no charge.

My suggestion would be to buy one skein of a yarn you’re interested in. Make something small with it, like a hat or a purse. Try it out. If you don’t like it, at least you’re not out a lot of money. Jan is right. Some wools are scratchier than others. Fisherman’s Wool by Lion is one I would not use. Two of my favorites are Brown Sheep and Cascade (I think that’s the brand name) 100% Peruvian wool. If anybody else has some suggestions for other wool yarns that are good, I would love to hear about them.