Best yarn for warm weather and cables


My sister asked me to knit her a scarf. She chose a pattern with cables (Irish hiking scarf on raverly). The problem is that she lives in the tropics, and I think wool will be too hot, even for a cool day there. I’ve been reading and found out that cotton is not a good choice for cables because it stretches. How about bamboo or acrylic? Would these fibers be too warm? Would they work for cables? (I’ll use a solid-colored fiber)
I’m a new knitter so I don’t know much about fibers, if you have any recommendations, I’ll really appreciate:heart: :heart: them!

Many thanks!!

I like cotton for cables, especially if you’re making a scarf. A long cotton sweater can get heavy and start to stretch out of shape but a short sweater, say waist length, or a scarf is fine in cotton.

wool might not be a warm as you think - sheep don’t get overheated in the summer :wink:

but cotton - or a cotton blend might be a more comfortable and economic choice.

what about a cotton acrylic blend?

Thanks AH1OZ.
That’s what I will do.
This forum is fantastic!!!

Many thanks!!!:knitting:

Cotton doesn’t stretch a lot and when washed, goes back to it’s knit size.

You could look at bamboo or linen; they tend to stretch a little too, but when knit at a denser gauge not as much.