Best way to store yarn?

Hello. What is the best way to store yarn, especially wool? I have a fair amount of yarn and it is all stored in ziplock baggies in some dresser drawers, but I notice that some of you store it in containers, ziplocks, etc.

Some suggestions would be great! Thanks!

For me, yarn storage is more a matter of space than anything else. I put it in bins so it’s stackable with tops to keep the dust off. I have it in drawers and plastic bags.

The only thing I wouldn’t do is store it where it’s damp for obvious reasons.

I think one of those big ornament tubs would be awesome. It’s got sections for your christmas balls, and it’s clear. Instead of ornaments, stick your yarn in there. Next time I see one, I’m grabbin it.

Something like this…

Rubbermade makes bigger ones.

Right now, the majority of mine is in zip loc bags, all squished into the bag my king sized comforter came in. It’s a zipped (clear) plastic bag. I like Foldebird’s idea better, though.