Best way to sew labels onto FO's?

I have labels that say ‘Handmade by Wendy’ that I want to sew into a couple of FO’s that I have but I’m unsure how best to sew them.

Does anyone have any tips or guidelines I could go by?

Hi, my name is Barbara and I am from Conneciticut. I use regular thread when I sew my labels on. I use the color close to the color of the outside edge and I just stitch around the edge of the label. I hope I have myself clear. I sew the same way with the iron on labels as you can’t iron them on yarn, unless you put like a white pillow case on top of label and press with steam iron, but I still sew around the label edges. Hope this answered your question. I am still trying to figure out how to post a question I have. I just emailed the forum to have them tell how to do it. Have a great day and good luck with your labels. Barbara Mudd

Yep, I just whip stitch them on by hand with a needle and thread.