Best Way to Join?

Hi everybody. I am really enjoying this site. I’m a fairly new knitter and have learned soooo much reading questions from others. Thank you :muah:

Here’s my question. I’m knitting my first sock and using dpns. I’m not quite sure what is the best way to join. I looked for a video on this site but couldn’t find one.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again

Do you mean how to join to start knitting in the round?? If so, you want to have your stitches divided onto your dpns and hold them so that you first stitch cast on is the first stitch on the needle in your left hand and the last stitch cast on is the first stitch on the needle in your right hand. The needle in your right hand will have the working yarn coming from the first stitch. When you start knitting, the first stitch you knit will be the first cast on stitch and because you are pulling the working yarn from the last needle in your round, the stitches become joined in the round.

I do not know if this has answered your question or not. Post back if you need more help.

Thank you knitqueen! You did answer my question. I don’t know why I was makin git harder than it really is :hug: