Best way to fix?

I’m knitting the 2nd sideways sock (knit longways on US2s, kitchener at the end, then do toe). After decreasing the seed stitch heel portion by half (28 stitches down to 14), I was supposed to work in plain stockinette for 48 rows. I didn’t. Instead, I continued the seed stitch heel.
I think I have 3 options and wonder what’s the best:

  1. rip out the last 48 rows and re-knit,
  2. rip just the seed stitch portion and try to re-knit those 14 stitches in stockinette–a lot of loose strands that way, and will it really work? could I use a crochet hook and just do a column of stitches at a time? or
  3. continue as established and have non-matching socks, but how will seed stitch wear across the ankle?
    Make sense? Help!

It’s really up to you… do you mind if they don’t match? I would prolly take out the last 48 rows and re-do that :teehee:

I was thinking I would do the same thing, rip out all 48 rows