Best way to find a thread I posted on or started?

Is there an easy way to find threads that I have started or posted on? I am looking for information from a while back and can’t think of what exact words to use for a search.

Thanks for any help!:aww:

Use the advanced search function and use the “search by user name” field.

Go into the row of buttons above the advertisement and click on search. It will give you options on whether you want posts or threads. Choose which one and put a pertinent word in from your old post, something that would only be in that post if you can remember one. It will search for those threads or posts for you. Good luck!

OK or just do what Mason said to do!!!

Perfect! I had not noticed that feature of the search. I found exactly what I needed! Thanks Mason!

Another really easy option is to look at your profile, then click the Find All Posts By (insert your name here) or, Find All Threads Started By (insert your name here) options.