Best way to change colors?

I am doing the VW Hat as one of my first projects and I got to the point where I put the VW pattern.
What is the best way to change colors? I never used different colors. Some rows is just one stitch here and another there.
Also, do I need to do Stockinette in even number or can I start the VW on row #3 (purl row)?
TIA! :wink:

Here’s a site that might help. I haven’t watched the videos at the bottom, but it might be easier than trying to explain intarsia in words.

It looks so difficult, though. :thinking:
I guess I will have to try it. Thanks! :wink:

It’s really not difficult. You just take turns with the different colors. Make sure you don’t knit too tightly. When you change colors, hold the ‘old’ color over to the left and bring the new color up over it. When you do this on each row, they wrap around each other and prevent holes. Give it a practice–everything makes more sense when you actually do it.

I do intarsia all the time in my doll sweaters, and the most difficult part is not getting too much tension and getting puckered places or holes when you’ve changed color.

Practicing on a swatch is a good idea if you’re just learning. I also recommend using very small balls, or bobbins, if you’re using multiple colors, so you can untangle them easily - all the twisting around to prevent holes usually ends up braiding my yarn :roflhard:

Katiyana what size doll sweaters do you make? I am madly looking for Tonner or Gene size sweaters. I did find one website that sells the doll scale yarn and size 0 needles.

My smallest sweaters are for the 14" Betsy McCall doll, and my largest are for the 20-22" Cabbage Patch Soft Sculpture, and several sizes in between.

I can modify my sweater patterns to fit other sizes of doll if I have measurements and a willing guinea pig. :thumbsup:

I am doing it :wink: and I guess it is working.
I think I got 1 or 2 holes so far :doh: but will see how it will end. I hope I had more time. Right now I have like 10 strands hanging and it is very confusing to know which strand is from where.
I can’t wait to finish and post a picture of it :XX:

Good for you! Any holes can be stitched up when you’re done. Can’t wait to see it!

Waiting for a picture… waiting waiting waiting…

:XX: while we’re waiting…