Best way to cast on at end of row

i’m working on the childs top down sweater from knitting pure and simple and i’m at the part where i join in the round and it says at the end of the row cast on 10 stitches and join in the round. what is the best way to cast on. i’m using the M1 where i just cast on my finger but that leaves a strand of yarn behind it. i dont know if i’m making sense.

I’d just knit them on at the beginning of the next row.

but how do you add 10 extra stitches at the begining of the row?

knit into the first stitch, and without slipping the stitch off put the (new) loop back onto the left needle. repeat with the new stitch. repeat until you have 10 new stitches on the left needle.

Google for “knit cast-on” or “cable cast-on”

End of row- DO NOT TURN- Place both needle tips together, crossing each other with the left in front of the right(assuming you are righthanded). Now wrap the yarn around both needles toward you, then wrap around the right needle again and pull that loop through. Pull the knot up tight to the right needle and do it again until you’ve cast on your 10 sts. Try it, it works! Mary

Or click on the Basic Techniques tab at the top of this page for the video under Castons.