Best way to block acrylic?

I use a lot of acrylic yarns and I was wondering what the best way to block them is. I know steaming them will pretty much ruin the fabric, or so I’ve read. Any tips, hints, preferred methods? Thanks in advance!


You can’t really block acrylic. :shrug: If all you want is to even out the edges and make things a little easier to seam, I’d pin the item to the correct size, then either spritz with a water bottle or cover with a damp towel, and let dry.

Just like acrylic won’t felt, it also doesn’t “set” stitches well. If your yarn is a blend, you may have better luck than 100% acrylic. Once your item is put together you could also try a trip through the wash to ‘even out’ the stitches a bit.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Mary! It sure does, pinning it down and spritzing it with water is what I’ve been doing so far. I was wondering if there was any “magic method” that I was missing out on, but you confirmed that I am pretty much on the right track. Thanks again!

I even out the stitches on acrylic things by throwing them in the wash. Works every time. :wink:


Me, too. Washer and dryer does wonders! :teehee: