Best Way to Block a Lace Shawl

What’s your opinion on the best way to block a shawl – with pins or with blocking wires? What are your favorite pins or wires? If pins, how many do you need? I’m working on my first shawl now, so I want to go ahead and get whatever I need to block it.

It depends on what it’s going to look like. If there are points around the edge, then I think you need pins–I hear that stainless T pins are best for this.

If you have straight edges, then wires might be best.

Thanks, Ingrid. It’s a triangle shape (the Shetland Triangle) - so I guess one straight edge and the other two edges are pointed. Sounds like pins are the way to go. Where is the best place to get Tpins?

Order online for t-pins. What you need to do is get yourself some wires to stretch out the top and sides, and then pin out the corners. It may sound like alot, but it’s the best way. And, if it’s just a rectangle/square, you need to use wires. For circular, a flexible wire. I use both wires and pins for lace, but that’s just me.

That is very helpful – thanks! Has anyone tried ironing a scarf to block it? I live in NY (where space is at a premium) and several people have mentioned that they do that, but I wouldn’t think you would get a nice definition in the lace. Any thoughts?

Wet blocking, in my mind, is the only suitable blocking for lace.

Thanks for the suggestions. After all that work, I want to be sure I block it correctly!

this post: from Eunny proved to be invaluable to me. Best of luck!

Just wanted to mention that you can use those push pins that they sell at stationary departments of stores for lace blocking. They do not rust. I find T-pins are not sold many places and the push pins are easier to find.

I wet block all my lace shawls on a large slab of styrofoam that I bought for a few dollars at the hardware store.

That’s a great idea, thanks!!