Best way to block 6ft plus scarf

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for blocking my DH’s scarf? Also, would I have to block it every time I wash it?
thanks so much!

I blocked my 15ft scarf on a carpet in a room we do not use much
I did fold it to do it, but it was even and soft when I sent it to him

I just would block it in sections, however wide your blocking board is. Used to drive my mother nuts, leaving her ironing-board wet. But my stuff worked out okay. Just pin and steam-iron through a damp handtowel. Then unpin, move the item, pin the unblocked part, cover with re-dampened handtowel and steam-iron. Repeat till you’ve completely finished the whole item.

Then find a flat place where you can set the project and leave it to dry and cool. Voila, blocked. :happydance:


Thank you both for the ideas-- I can’t wait to try them!