Best way to add details on mittens?

Hey guys,

I just finished two pairs of mittens for kids and now I am struggling with making them look fun. They were supposed to be ‘cat and mouse’, one pair is white and a bit larger, the other is brown and smaller. I need to add ears and facial features :slight_smile:

So, I tried double stitch, crocheting, knitting 3D ears on and adding buttons. It either doesn’t look cute (buttons) or isn’t neat (everything else). I even considered adding googly eyes with a glue gun.

Basically, most of the techniques prevent fabric from stretching sideways evenly and the worn mitten looks strange.

Any suggestions?

Is double stitch the same as duplicate stitch? I was thinking you might use the duplicate stitch, but I’ve never done it myself. Hope you figure something out. Best of luck.

Yes, I think it is. But the fabric gets ‘swallen’ around those duplicate stitches… Now I am thinking to just make matching hats that would have more room to play and be done with it :slight_smile:

Were you trying to duplicate stitch? I think that takes practice, but shouldn’t be too hard. You could also just embroider a design on them without trying to follow stitches. That would still make kids happy and be cute.

I just realized something. I was not making proper duplicate stitch, that’s why it didn’t look good. But I did make matching hats and used it for ears and it worked! Thanks.