Best way put stiches back on a circlar needle! ARRGH!

I thought I was being so creative! I decided to adapt my sweater pattern that calls for knitting and back and front separately, so I could do the majority of the body on a circular needle. I was so proud of myself! I had progressed beautifly and finished a 3 needle BO on one shoulder seam (GREAT way to do a shoulder seam by the way! Not bulky and looks fabulous on the RS too!)

Anyhow, I then noticed that my armhole was probably adequate for my 5 year old neice!!! I have an armhole that is like 3 inches wide! Took me about a half hour to figure out where I went wrong. I used the circluar needle up to the point where I split off to staight needles.

Problem is, I should have noticed that a person’s armhole should not start where the collar begins!! Anyhow, I know what I need to do, rip out all the stiches (boo hoo) until the place where the arm hole should have started, then split off on to straight needles.

Since I am basically ripping out half my sweater (arrrrgh), what is the best way to get the stiches back on the circular needle? Is there a special technique?

Also is there some way of staying on the circular knitting while you are knitting the front and back separately?? Seems easier to do it on the straight needles.

If I weren’t laughing at my 3 inch armhole, I’d be crying!

Check out Finding a Destination Row in the Fixing Mistakes section. That will show you how to secure the stitches before ripping.

By all means, you can use the circs as straights. Put half the stitches on a piece of waste yarn and use the circs to knit back and forth.

Thank you! Perfect! :muah: