Best values in sock yarn?

Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to knitting socks (I’m working on my second pair) but I think it’s fair to say that I’m becoming quite addicted. Socks are my favorite things I’ve ever knit, and I just want to make more and more. I’m curious to find out which yarns sock knitters think are are the best value. I obviously can look online and find the best priced sock yarn, but which do you think are the best quality for their price? :smiley: Thanks!

best values are sales on opal and online and brands like that. little knits has amazing sales

here is a link for opal 50% off. lots of other good deals too.

My first pair of socks were made in lion brand and they have bled the colors and look dull and fuzzy and faded, but schoeller and stahl, opal and online have stood up to repeated washings very well.

I’ve never knit with the sock weight of Lorna’s Laces, but it’s on sale for $7.15 at sandrasingh and it seems to be a favorite among sock knitters.

I actually think the sport weight of Lorna’s Laces is a great value in sock yarn because, unlike most skeins that come in 50 grams, it comes in 70 grams and you can make a pair of short socks with just one skein. They’re still thin enough to fit in shoes, too. It’s soft and feels great to knit with and wear, but is more delicate as it has no nylon in it. I wore a hold in the toe of one within about 4 months.

Regia is reasonably priced and people say it holds up well. I was knitting some socks in Regia 6-ply, but I didn’t enjoy it. The yarn’s a little harsh and stiff. Probably why it holds up well.

I think my favorite socks were knit with Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch. It’s a wool yarn but has a bit of elastic so the result is just a little stretchy. The socks I made from it feel and look the most like real socks to me, if anyone knows what I’m talking about (maybe no one does). I think a 100 gram ball is around $15 in the US, maybe.

Patons Kroy is cheap and reported to hold up well, too.

But I’m really waiting to see what people think of the new Knitpicks sock yarns.

I’m pretty happy because I just got a bunch of Wildfoote sock yarn for $3.30 a skein. It’s a wee bit splitty (so is the Mega Boots yarn), but I like it and think it will hold up well. Flying Fingers has it for $5.20 a skein in limited colors.

I knit socks with KnitPicks yarns, but have found better ones. My favorites are (they’re all good):

KnitPicks Essential
KnitPicks Risata
Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Loopy Ewe Yarns

So far Ive used KPs Memories, and Lion Brand Magic Stripes.

Ive got some hadndyed and some Lornas Laces in the wait for my next pairs.

My LYS has some good deals on Sockotta. I think it’s cotton/nylon and feels like it’ll make a nice lacy, lightweight sock (I have sweaty feets, way sexy).

I made a pair of thick socks (for under winter boots and such) out of LionBrand MicroSpun–super cheap, beautiful colors, soft (but splitty splitty splitty!) LionBrand also have MagicStripes, which someone mentioned, that’s specifically a sock yarn.

Personally, I like Cherry Tree Hill supersocke for selection and durability. Mountain Colors bearfoot takes a close second in my opinion. With either brand, you only need one skein for a pair of socks and the prices run between $15.00 and $21.00. Warning though, once you get “hooked” on socks, price doesn’t matter! :razz:

Yummm…sock yarn…

I’m always keeping an eye out for a good bargain, and I think that Patons Kroy at is pretty good. You can squeeze 2 mini socks out of one skein, or 2 huge socks out of 2 skeins. And they’re often on sale or there’s a coupon. The colors aren’t the most exciting, but you can’t have everything.

Also I really like Brown Sheep Wildfoote - and you can get it dirt cheap at The Sheep Shed Studio (scroll down):

Keep scrolling - the solid colors are at the way bottom. I like them a lot - their service is great and the prices cannot be beat.