Best technique books?

are vogue’s the best?
I have montse stanley’s, the knitting answer book, and the knitter’s book of finishing techniques, and lots of notes from elizabeth zimmermann and annie modesitt, but I clearly need more help.

(I mean especially for general nitpicking technical stuff, not cables or fair isle or anything that complicated.)


I just asked a similar question, and got some great feedback.

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Hopefully this helps answer your question.

i’ve heard that elizabeth zimmerman’s “knitting without tears” is good. u may want to look into that one. i think they have it for sale at the KH store :thinking:

I’m looking for the kind of book that tells you if there is anything that can be done when you have picked up the stupid collar stitches one too many times in the neck of your stupid sweater and they are all stretched beyond looking at and it’s still wrong, or whether you should just resign yourself to burning it and give up forever…
is that in there?