Best teaching videos

Hello, I have been learning various knitting techniques and must say that no other video I have seen compares to the ones on this site. I don’t go away confused. The techniques are explained in a very clear manner with instruction as to where the working yarn is in relation to the work.

I have now been looking at knitting with a loom and since I could not find any on this site I reviewed clips that I just happened to find on line. Many leave me with unanswered questions at the moment.

Is there any videos on this site regarding looms?

No, no loom videos. That’s a different hobby. Just as valid and fun, but it’s not knitting. :thumbsup: I’m pretty sure there is help for it though somewhere on the internet. Possibly you can find something on YouTube. Try googling it.

You’ll find a lot of videos out there. Some of the best ones, in my opinion, are done by Mikey Sellick of The Crochet Crowd. If you check the bar to the right of this, you will see other projects for loom knitting.