Best starter project for teen

Hi Folks;

My daughter wants to learn how to knit! Yeah!

I wonder if you can suggest a good starter project for her. Quick, basic, but very-very cool!

Many thanks and happy knitting,

Welcome to Knitting Help! :yay:

Let’s see…

Fingerless mitts

Cup Cozy


These are all knit flat and are simple. You know your daughter better than anyone…what is she interested in?

Both hats are really cute! I started knitting when I was 14 (learning from the videos on this site, actually!) and I really, really wish someone had told me not to do a scarf. Five feet of garter stitch was pure hell. Hats, though, are adorable and useful. I would’ve actually worn a hat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I don’t recommend garter stitch scarves. They may be good practice, but by the time you’re halfway done you’re ready to sleep from boredom. :teehee: Now if you do something interesting like practice different stitch patterns in your scarf that would be very interesting and fun to do!

Using a great yarn like this…and using large needles US15 or bigger…a garter stitch scarf is interesting and the results are fantastic!

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flamme, a thick/thin soft yarn:

Big needles, garter stitch and a fantastic interesting yarn are a great combination for a quick, beautiful, not-too-expensive scarf!

A little goes a long way!

The big needles create an open, airy, almost lace-like, garter stitch scarf!
My adult daughter learned to knit recently, and she purchased a wine colored Silky Flamme from the LYS. Using big needles and garter stitch, she created a scarf that was fantastic! The knitting wasn’t beyond her ability from the technical standpoint. Knitting with such a fabulous yarn kept her interest, and the big needles ate through the yarn quickly! Voila! Scarf done in days. She was so proud.

Yeah, a bulky yarn and bigger needles would make it lots easier to knit a scarf! :thumbsup: