Best Sock Yarn?

As a spur of the moment thing, I knit my beloved husband a pair of socks using Lion Brand’s Wool Ease. I finished them about a week before Christmas, and he has worn them nearly constantly since. Tonight as he was in his recliner, I glanced over and noticed…HOLES in these socks! Not just one, but at least two in each sock! I have no idea what he has done to/with these socks other than wear them a lot. I have made myself several pair of socks using Wool Ease and have never had an issue. Knowing that he is rough on his socks now, what yarn would you recommend that would stand up to his destructive feet? I want something that is warm, comfortable, and definitely durable.

Thank you!

Belphoebe, I have the same problem with my hubby’s socks as well.
I’ve heard of a steel yarn but I cannot believe it would be all that comfortable…
I have posted about it here as well…

I’ve made several pairs of socks and the only ones that have not gotten holes are the oldest pair made of wool sock yarn. The ones with acrylic did not hold up at all.

I did some research earlier and read that using wooly nylon can help reinforce heels and toes. It’s the stuff often used for sergers. Also knitting the sock tighter can also help. I use a US 1 usually for fingering weight.

This is the sock yarn I used, but there are softer ones and any wool sock yarn with polyester or nylon would be good.

If you want a heavier weight sock they also make sock yarns in a heavier weight, but make sure it’s also got the nylon or something in it.

Socks need to be knit very densely to avoid wearing holes in them, and it helps to reinforce the heel and toe area with nylon yarn/thread. Most actual sock yarns do have some nylon in it for that reason.