Best Sock Book

Socks are new adventure for me. Unfortunately my cankles are nothing new. I would love to try all the wonderful sock patterns out there but am afraid to try to alter patterns without any assistance. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good resource book for doing this. The new Knit Picks catalogue is out and there are several sock books listed but am uncertain what might work best for me. Any suggestions?

If you’re new to socks I’d recommend Silver’s tutorials. Once you make a pair or two, it shouldn’t be too hard to make adjustments.

I second that suggestion. It’s a great tutorial and wonderful resource. It’s how I learned how to knit socks!

I like the Interweave press sock book.

But there are many. As for learning how, if you could find it, the old MonTricot books were where I learned (70’s). I’ve never found better instructions.