Best size for lap robes

I’m using the free baby blanket pattern from, but am going to use it for lapghans instead (easy Christmas presents, LOL!). I realize this pattern will be square instead of rectangular, so I’m curious as to what the best size would be. :thinking:

Their instructions are for a 30"x30", or 40"x40", but I figured out the equation to adapt it for larger sizes (and the formula they have at the bottom doesn’t appear to be anywhere close…you take the length of one side, multiply it by 1.414, and then take that number by your number of stitches per inch) but was wondering what the best size would be…48"x48", 60"x60"? I think it would be easier if it were rectangular, but this pattern knits up so fast with Red Heart Light and Lofty and size 11 needles, that it’s great for quick knit, great looking blankets.

Any advice as to what size I should make these? :XX:


If you ever have a chance to look at the Weekend Knitting book there’s a gorgeous lapghan lapghan? in there. It’s rectangle and has two bands of different color yarn towards each end that sort of pull it in a little, make it look ruched if that’s the right word. You should try and take a look … it’s very different.

I bought the Weekend Knitting book yesterday. I noticed that the lapghan pattern calls for stockinette stitch, and no border.

Have you made this, and if so, how did you avoid the curling? Did you add a border on your own, or what?