Best shops!

Hello, remeber me? I posted Yarn troubles… I heard about Wal-Mart so I wanted to know some other shops you would recommend. The only shop I have to say no, is Joan’s. It is to far away…:help: Srry if you wanted to recommend that shop. Are there any second choices? I will have my fingers Crossed Fingers!

That depends where you’re located. There may be a Michael’s or Beverly’s close by, they carry yarn. For small yarn stores look in the Yellow pages of your local phone book under Yarn and see if there’s any located in your town. The prices will probably be quite a lot higher than walmart or a craft store, but the yarn is going to be wool rather than acrylic and generally a nicer quality.

Well, there is a Michels nearby… I am sure that I can get yarn there! Thx for the help!