Best price for noro silk garden?

I’m really wanting to make a Lady E out of silk garden, but I’m finding it cost prohibitive. Where have people found the best prices? If I can’t find it affordable I will probably end up going with SWS.

I got it on Ebay for I think $9 a skein. That being said, I ripped my first Lady Eleanor out because I want crazy about the Silk Garden. I was expecting it to be soft, not scratchy and full of twigs! I sold that bag on ebay, and I have another bag of 10 skeins up in my stash. It just didnt live up to the hype in my eyes.
I think you get a 20% discount if you spend $60 and 25% disct if you spend $120.

Little Knits often has this on sale at deep discount, usually less than $7 a skein and cheaper if you buy by the bag of 10. I think there’s some there right now:

ETA: just looked. only 2 colors available, but if you like them $55 a bag of 10!

The best Ebay prices will be in ‘bags of 10’. I always get the bag of 10…even if I only need 8 for a sweater. The price of ‘8 separately’ will almost equal the ‘bag of 10’. Later, the 2 leftover skeins can be used for scarves, or incorporated into a NORO afghan…etc.

Here are a couple of my favorte Ebay yarn shop haunts:

I keep tweezers handy to pluck out the little bits of plant fibers and twigs.
It is just the way it is with NORO ‘silk anything’. The little twiggy things come out easy enough…and there are not really a lot of them. You can expect a few per skein, however. Silk Garden is worth the effort!

What’s a Lady Eleanor??? :??

P.S. Just noticed this in one of my favorite sellers on ebay.
Really unusual colours!

She is an entrelac shawl from Scarf Style

Holy Moly, that’s unbelievable. WOW. Really gorgeous and a lot of work I assume!

Thanks everyone! I’m off to do my research… and math. :teehee: I had read silk garden was supposed to be soft. :shrug: Maybe I should just go with the SWS because I have found that to be pretty soft. I just wish they would add even more colorways!

Dear Beloved One,

No, NORO Silk Garden is not soft. It is not scratchy, but definitely not soft like Merino or Cashmerino. NORO Transitions is as soft as NORO gets.

Also, a quick FYI: NORO Silk Garden is a heavier gauge than NORO Silk Garden Lite.

The original Silk Garden knits up like a worsted weight, whereas the Silk Garden Lite is sport weight. Thanks for the link to the Ebay yarn lady, Victoise! You are right…GORGEOUS NEW COLOR! Sigh.

Just a FYI: Noro Silk Garden does get softer the more that you wash it. There is actually enough silk in there to throw it in the washer (on the gentle cycle of course) with some downy and it will soften right up. I was taken aback at first at how scratchy it was… softened up beautifully.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much for the washing info/softening info on the NORO, Trish!! :muah: