Best patterns for toys?

[/b][color=darkred][/color] Hi everyone!! Was wondering if y’all could help me out - I’m needing a break from my bigger projects (sometimes they get tedious, ya’ know?), and am in the mood for something small and whimsical to break up the tedium. I’m thinkin’, bunnies (got bunnies on the brain, for some reason), but am open to others of course.

Any suggestions for toy patterns? I’ve looked on the web (KPC, etc.) but haven’t found any that spoke to me and said, "HI! You need to make me, so I can cuddle with someone! :teehee: " What are YOUR favorites??

Thank you!

Lots of toys here.
KPC - toys

I love Jean Greenhowe toy patterns! They just always come out looking good.

One of her books has a little bunny rabbit family.

While has her booklets, you can often get better deals on ebay. In addition to the small paperback books of patterns, she has a hardback Knitted Toys book that has a BUNCH of patterns in it.

Mama Bear

Thank you for the recommendations!! I checked out KPC, but nothing struck me there. However, will definitely check out Greenhowe, MamaBear - thanks for the tip!! :muah: