Best Options Cable Length?

So I’ve been reading the interchangeable threads here, and the consensus seems to be that the Knitpicks Options set has the slickest needles and the best cables at a good price.

The major complaint has been cable length, am I right? Some posters have said they wished for shorter lengths. (~17"-18")

I’m a Magic Looper, so I could deal with the lack of short cables if I bought an extra-long cable just for that technique.

There are three sizes available (that don’t already come with the kit) – 40", 47", & a 60". Which one would you recommend adding-on? Or, do the included cables (24" & 32" lengths) work well with the Magic Loop technique on their own?

(My gut instinct is that 60" might be overkill – is it only good for knitting afghans? But then, would a 40" or a 47" be better for ML-ing? Or is a 60" the best option after all?)

TIA for any advice you all have. (And any other comments on the set would be much appreciated, too!)

Are you going to buy the set and are looking for add ons? I think 40 inch is a good length for most magic loop projects. BTW…they do have 16 in classic circs now. They just aren’t interchangeable. :wink:

Good question! My first reaction is to say they are all the best, really. And it certainly depends on what you need them for. The smallest they have for the interchangables really is the smallest they can go. You can still get fixed 16" ones to complete the set which are great for small in the round projects. Wish I could give more feedback on the larger cables, haven’t had a reason to use them yet personally. :happydance:

Can’t go wrong by having a couple of each. :mrgreen:

The ‘best’ length just depends on what you’re knitting. I’m a pretty big guy so when I do get around to knitting myself a sweater in the round it’ll probably have to be on a 60.

Yup, that’s the plan. :slight_smile: Currently I have two Takumi circs in size 9 & 11, and a bunch of straights my dad picked up at Goodwill. (Unfortunately he didn’t really know what he was buying so a lot of them don’t match! A 4 here, a 6 there, etc. Makes for weird gauge. :))

So I think that buying an interchangeable set would be the cheapest and best option, for me, since I like metal (the bamboo’s feeling a bit sticky for me, plus it’s pricey) and I’d have pretty much any size I’d ever need to knit with.

So far, I count one vote for 40" and one for 60". Hmm. At $3.99 a pop maybe I should get one of each…

(Thanks for your comments!)

I got the 40" as an add-on when I got my set, and I’ve done all my magic-looping on that. I also recently got the 47" when I was working on a top-down sweater and I wanted to be able to try it on more easily. The extra inches allowed my stitches to spread out more so that I can see better how it fit. Personally, I can’t see myself ever needing the 60", although they do say never say never!


47" wouldn’t even come close to going around my shoulders

I bought all three of the extra cable lengths, but I hardly ever use the 47 or 60 inch. I guess my eyes were bigger than my cable needs. :inlove:

It’s so funny. I’m really quite good a budgeting money, but when it comes to knitting supplies, I lose all control.

I’m a Magic Looper, too, and I have the entire KP interchangeable set. (meaning one of each needle and at least one pair of each cable). It really depends on what you’re going to knit. I like the 47s for doing two sleeves at once on an adult sweater. I’m really into felted bags lately, and either the 40 or 47 are good for those. The 47’s give me a better idea of how big things are. I got an extra 47 and 32, mainly to use as sitch holders or for provisional castons. I have yet to use my 60, but I knew if I didn’t get it, I’d instantly want to make an afghan. So I would say get a 40 and a 47 if you want to get the most use out of them. If you can only get one, I’d go for the 47 – there’s not too much of a jump between 32 and 40.

another vote for extra 40’s. i’ve been known to do ML on 32’s, but 40’s give a little more room. :wink:

the longest I’ve used is the 32" and I’m fine with that.

The 40" has worked well for me for magic looping. The only time I could see myself needing a 60" is if I were doing a large (women’s plus-sized or men’s) sweater in the round.

On the other hand, they’re pretty cheap. Can’t hurt to get a 60" just in case. :wink:

As all of the cables come 2 to a package you end up with a spare. I used the 2nd 60" to cut down and make a 36" cable. I pulled one end off, cut the cable and glued the end back on with Gorilla glue. After everything dried for a couple of days I buffed the glued edge with a fine nail buffer. I have used this cable many times and it is great.

I was wondering about that (buying the largest cable and cutting it down to make smaller sizes). Good to know it can be done!