Best online source for swift/ball winder?

My wonderful hubby has given me the go-ahead to finally get a ball winder and swift. I’m hunting around online but I have no clue who the reputable dealers are? Anyone have any suggestions or experiences (good or bad) you’d like to share?



The hubby got mine off e-bay (he’s addicted) and got a good deal buying both together. I believe this is the set he got…I’ve been using them for a year and love them.

This is the exact same set I own, and I absolutely love them! My friend gave it to me for my 30th birthday present, and I know she paid more than that for just the swift alone at my LYS. That’s is a great price for both.

Thanks! I appreciate the quick responses :slight_smile:

I got what looks like that exact same set from Joannes. With the 50% off coupons they run all the time, you can get them both for a decent price.

I found a swift on Etsy - like this one and find that I really like this kind that sits on the table as opposed to clamps to the table. So far, I have not bought a ballwinder, but wind them myself. My cats like to try to catch the swift as it goes around. :smiley:

I purchased mine (swift and winder) from joann’s online with the coupon and it is simply lovely.


Thanks for the ebay information. That’s the best price for both that I’ve seen around here. For some reason, Joann’s around here don’t run as many coupons as in other areas.

How does that swift on Etsy work? I would love to get one but it looks complicated.

The fourth picture on the Etsy item shows how the swift looks folded up. I store mine folded up like that (the one I bought came with a cloth bag which fits it. The big pieces are all connected with a center bolt, and they open up to 2 legs for the base and 2 arms for holding the yarn. You stick the little pegs in the appropriate holes to fit your hank, find the end, and it twirls away.

I got a set from webs,, and from www.schoolhousepress. They cost about the same – low $90’s with shipping. My husband ordered me a set for Christmas from Webs and as it hadn’t arrrived by the beginning of February I ordered a set from schoolhouse press. Then both sets arrived at my house within a day or two of each other.