Best method to Finish collar

Hello everyone,

I made the following raglan sweater:

and now I am looking for suggestions on how to finish the collar…I tried picking up and knitting a 2X2 rib with a smaller needle size but after a couple rows I noticed the new collar bending back (hope that makes sense) and not laying flat. So, I frogged it…:sad:

I am hoping to get some suggestions. I really would like a “finished” look to the collar.



By the collar do you just mean the edge of the vee neck? That black thing in the picture is not part of the sweater is it?

What does your pattern say to do? I would think you wouldn’t need to do anything, but that just the knitting of it would give an acceptable edge. But if that is not the case and it needs something added, I think, if was me, that I’d add a row of single crochet around the neck. I’d experiment with hook size and spacing until I got something that worked and laid flat. I have never tried to add a knitted edge on something like this. Maybe someone else will have a good idea for a knit edge. Good luck.

No, I believe the “black thing” is a t-shirt of some kind.
The pattern didn’t give any instructions on putting a finishing look to the v-collar. It is shaped but I want to add something to make it look a little more “finished” I think I will try a single crochet edge around it.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!