Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

I am planning on knitting a sweater (jumper) for my DH. I’ve hesitated making him anything due to the fact that his mother was a seamstress. The thought of her finding fault with something I’ve made could turn my blood to ice.

I had thought to make it as a surprise, as I’ve got the time and opportunity to make sure he’d never be aware of it. (OK, let’s be honest, he’s the type of man that I could sit in front of knitting the sweater and it would still be a surprise to him). He started asking me questions the other night that came totally out of the blue, about measurements when you knit clothing, etc. I didn’t think much about it considering he’d watched his mom work from her home for most of his life. Then it hit me… she always did ladies clothing, with some repairs and alterations for him, but never anything made by her for him. He’s had suits and clothing tailored, but that was all overseas, years ago.

So, I’ve decided to make him a part of the whole process from beginning to end. It fills a need for both of us, him for having someone make something especially for him and for me, frustrated empty-nester (oh, how I wish these chicks would fly) tendencies. I’m now really stoked about this project.

Hi! :waving:

That excitement for a project is so much a part of any creativity! And I think it’s so well done that you’re including your DH in the project. It will mean so much more to him, I bet, if he sees it unfold, knowing it’s especially for him!

I embarked on a project a couple of years ago to make afghans for each of my close family members and I’m up to 9 and counting! Still two more to go. And their anticipation of the finished project kept things energized for me and them.

So congratulations, Angela! And let us all know how it’s going!

Ruthie :hug: